EMP Regenerative Medicine
Mark Calarco, MBA, DO, MRO, ABAARM

    Tele:  615.732.6170
  725 Cool Springs Blvd.
  Suite 600
Franklin, TN 37067

How is EMP different from my regular doctor?

There are several important differences.  First, since more time is spent getting to know clients, we are better able to identify and treat the root causes of any health issues they have.  This leads to superior and longer lasting outcomes.  Second, EMP is an “eclectic optimizer” of health.  All of our clients are highly functioning individuals who want to recapture or maintain peak physical and cognitive functioning.  Although traditional medicine has its place, it is not structured to optimize human health.  EMP uses cutting edge technology together with the best aspects of conventional medicine to optimize health and longevity.

Finally, the body temple is an elegant and complex biosystem, where changes in one part of the system can cause unexpected changes in many other parts.  Therefore, it is imperative that the healer understands this and uses a gentle and experienced touch to guide the body's systems back to optimal levels while minimizing potential unwanted effects. 

Do you perform aesthetic procedures like Botox or laser?

We do not.  We focus on the internal aesthetics of the body: health from the inside out.  A nice looking car won't go far if the engine is shot.  However, many clients experience more youthful skin, firmer bodies, faster healing and fat loss as a benefit of our programs.  That being said, we do support aesthetic medicine and can refer you to some exceptional colleagues in the field if desired.

Do you see children?

Yes, on a case by case basis.  Although most clients are adults, we treasure the vitality of youth. Beginning children on a life-long holistic health program is a great gift.  Children who start on such a program now have the potential to live over 150 years in good health.

Do you accept "health insurance"?

No, for two good reasons. First, "health insurance" is really “disease insurance” that will not usually pay for health optimizing treatments.  Insurance companies are in the business of maximizing shareholder profits and limiting costs, not optimizing health.  This is actually a blessing for EMP and its clients. With no meddling insurance companies controlling how we practice medicine, we can provide the high level of care clients deserve.  We work for our clients, not for the insurance industry.
Second, we can maintain a level of confidentiality not possible with third parties involved.  All client records are zealously protected.  Virtually all of our clients prefer this enhanced level of privacy regarding their personal health issues.